Associate Professor

University of Manitoba

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

75 Chancellor’s Circle

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 5V6


Academic Background

  1. Ph.D., (University of Manitoba), M.Sc. (Norwegian University of Science and Technology),
    B. Sc. (University of Moratuwa)

Research Interests

  1. Source coding and quantization for efficient and reliable communication of information (information theoretic aspects, joint source-channel coding, distributed and multi-terminal source coding, applications in speech, audio, image, and video coding)

  2. Quantization related problems in communications and signal processing (data hiding, quantization in non-Euclidian spaces and manifolds)

  3. Applications of statistical signal processing in digital communications

  4. Publications

  5. Communications Systems and Networking Research (CSNR) Lab


  1. ECE 4260 Communication Systems

  2. ECE 4160 Control Engineering

  3. ECE 7250 Information Theory

  4. ECE 7560 Topics in Signal Compression and Coding

  5. ECE 4460 Statistical Signal Processing

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