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> Eloy Diaz Dorado wrote: > > > > Hello: > > I am Camilo Carrillo, engineering on the Departament of Electrical > > Engineering of the University of Vigo (Spain). I have problems with > > include current-controlled current sources, and elements like this > > in the models for PSCAD. I know that de indenpendent sources are > > in variables like CCDC... but dependent surces not are documentated > > in the manuals. I have the same problems with coupled elements. > > > > I need know how the PSCAD do the nodal analysis (functions,...), > > and I think this functions and variables are related to the common > > blocks. > > > > Could somebody help me? > > > > THANKS IN ADVANCE. > > > > ********************************************************* > > CAMILO CARRILLO > > ******************************************************** > > Electrical Engineering Departament > > ETTSII, Vigo, Spain > > > > e-mail: > Dear Mr. Carrillo, The controlled current source is available as a block in the DRAFT palette.In the configuration option, select "External Control=Yes". The picture of the block changes to allow the controlling signal to influence the injected current. You may assign any value or function to the control signal. For example, if you need a current controlled current source, measure the current using an ammetter, process it in any way you wish, either through the standard library blocks or thru FORTRAN code (as described in the V3 manuals, Ch.2, EMTDC Custom Models,Fortran Interface). You do not require any knowledge of EMTDC common blocks unless you are developing something very special. We recommend that you do not attempt such an excercise unless you are very familiar with EMTDC (as opposed to the PSCAD front end). If you post what it is that you are trying to model, helpful suggestions may be available from the Users Group. As a note to you and to other users, it is always possible to save your DRAFT file with the FILE ==> SAVE ==> TRANSFER option and mail the resulting *.dfx file and the associated *.dft file to us by e-mail or ftp (for ftp,check ftp instructions on www site Just in case you are interested in the overall algorithm is described in Ch. 1,EMTDC Custom Models,Fortran Interface Manual. Regards, Ani Gole, --------------------------------------------------------------- ============================================================ A.M. Gole, Ph.D., P.Eng., || Phone: (204)-474-9959 || PSCAD/EMTDC User's Group || || Co-ordinator, || Fax: (204)-275-0261 || Dept. of Electrical & || Email: || Computer Eng. =============================== | 15 Gilson Street, | University of Manitoba, | Winnipeg, MB., R3T 5V6, CANADA | ============================================================
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