A soft-bound printed Conference Proceedings will be distributed to
conference registrants and available for purchase from the IEEE.
One volume will cover the Communication and Computing stream, and the
second volume Power and Computing stream.

Two other electronic forms are also being implemented: One at the
University of Manitoba FTP site at ftp://ftp.umanitoba.ca and the other as
a CD-ROM.  The FTP and CD-ROM versions of the Conference Proceedings will
be innovations never attempted before at this conference.

In order for your presentation to be included in the proceedings, you need
to prepare the paper in proper forms for the proceedings.  The final copy
of the paper should reflect the summary that we have accepted for the
presentation; the program committee reserves the right to omit your paper
from the proceedings if the title has been changed or the contents do not
accurately reflect the contents of your submitted extended abstract.

What you send is exactly what will appear in the proceedings, and must
satisfy the following guidelines:

- The format of your paper should follow the standard IEEE format, as used
in the main publication, "The Proceedings of the IEEE".  It usually
includes a short (up to 50 words) abstract, introduction, body of the paper
with results and their discussion, conclusions, acknowledgements, and
references.  The references and referencing must follow the IEEE format.

- It must be on standard 8.5 inch wide by 11 inch high paper
where the left and right margins are exactly 5/8 inches, the top margin is
exactly 7/8 inches, and the bottom margin is exactly 5/8 inches.  This
paper printed form must be submitted to the Program Chair.

- The paper must not exceed six (6) pages.  If the paper is longer, the
extra pages will NOT be included in the proceedings.

- It must be in a two-column format as with many conference proceedings.

- It must be in 12 or 10 point type (the image will NOT be reduced, but the
use of smaller type is not allowed).

- The title must be centered at the top, with the authors and their
affiliations below.

- No page numbers should be printed on your original, although the
successive page numbers must be marked in a light-blue pencil at the left
lower corner of each sheet.


The electronic form will not differ from the paper form.  To produce the
electronic form, create a standard PostScript copy of the paper.  This can
be done by a process that resembles printing on a PostScript laser printer:
prepare the paper for printing, but create a file rather than print.  If
you have never done it, please ask for assistance your System

Send the PostScript file on a disk. Since the file may be large,  compress
it with PKZIP or UUENCODE.  Specify the compression used in your letter of

The PostScript format will be translated by us into Adobe Acrobat format
for the CD-ROM version of the Proceedings.  An Adobe Acrobat Reader will be
included on the CD-ROM.

  • Send the hard copy (paper copy) of your WESCANEX'95 paper, as well as the Copyright form and the author's biography to:
  • Transmit the electronic copy (postscript copy) of your WESCANEX'95 paper as follows:
  • Your-paper-code is the prefix of your email address. For example,
    if you have two postscript files, and your email address is
    nobody@nowhere.ca, then you would: