The IEEE Western Canada Conference and Exhibition, WESCANEX, has become one of the best technical conferences in Western Canada. We intend to make the conference even better in Manitoba next year.

    In the past, the conference has focused on three areas: communications, computers, and power. Although the areas were considered distinct and isolated, they have become intertwined to the point that can be exploited in the next offering of the conference in Winnipeg. This is reflected in a modified subtitle: Communications, Power, and Computing.

    Traditionally, the conference has been taking place every other year, in mid May, for two days, with two parallel sessions, with approximately 60 papers, and 200 attendees. The previous two conferences were organized by Saskatchewan. WESCANEX91 took place at Delta Regina Hotel, May 29-30, 1991, and WESCANEX93 in Saskatoon, May 17-18, 1993. Finally, we managed to bring the conference to Manitoba after several attempts. We should stay with the tradition, and have WESCANEX95 in a similar fashion.


    1. To deliver the best technical conference and exhibition to professional in communications, power, and computing;

    2. To provide a record of current research in the form of Electronic and Conventional Conference Proceedings;

    3. To strengthen links between university, other R&D institutions, and industry.

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