Welcome to the Biomedical Photonics research webpage in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Manitoba.

What is Biomedical Photonics? In short, it is light for life. Life on our planet is driven and sustained by light and I believe that light holds the keys to many amazing discoveries and breakthroughs in biomedical sciences. Since light is a very important component of life it can give us a tremendous control over different biological systems and processes. Light is a natural life factor and therefore can be harmless to biological specimens. In addition, it also makes it possible to study biological objects with minimal invasiveness using non-contact methods. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, light can produce perfect images with great details. Imagine the ability to look in real time at the behavior of live cells or even single molecules! As the proverb goes, it is better to see once than hear a hundred times. Visual information about particular structure or process is vital to our understanding of the functioning of biological systems.

So why not to harness all these fascinating light properties for our needs? At first, of course, we need to learn how to control the light itself. The science of light is called Photonics. It studies light generation, propagation, interaction with matter, manipulation and control of its properties. Just as the building blocks of Electronics are charged particles – electrons, Photonics is built around their optical counterparts – photons or light quanta. Biomedical applications of Photonics research are widespread and by now have firmly entered our everyday life: contact lenses, laser eye surgery, cosmetic skin treatment, light therapy, dental care or DNA analysis. The list is long and is fast growing. In some sense it is not surprising for light is the fastest thing in our universe!

Intensive research and spectacular discoveries continue to stimulate novel bioapplications every day. Our Group is applying fundamental physical laws and cutting-edge engineering methods of Photonics to further advance biomedical sciences through innovative research. Please take a moment to explore our webpage and to find out more about our exciting work in one of the most dynamic and interdisciplinary research areas to date.

Dr. Arkady Major

Dr. Arkday Major
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